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Trucking Accidents FAQs

A collision between a large truck and a regular motor vehicle can result in devastating loss and damages, including lingering economic, physical, and emotional consequences for both the victims and their families. In the aftermath of a truck accident, people often have numerous but similar questions, such as, what caused the accident? Who is liable? Can I get compensation? And so on. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on truck Accidents in Texas and related issues.

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More Information About Trucking Accidents

Know more about truck accidents in Texas including the applicable laws and regulations to truck accidents, claimants, and defendants in cases involving truck accidents. Understand how the liability of the defendant is determined and what contributory negligence, loss of consortium, economic and non-economic damages mean. Get to understand how all that information may affect your truck accident case or a claim for compensation for the loss or injury of a loved one.

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Texas Truck Accident Statistics

As a Texas resident and road user, it is natural to be concerned for your safety and the safety of your loved ones, especially when you’ve met or known a victim of a truck accident. You may need information on how often truck accidents happen in Texas, whether 18 Wheeler truck accidents are on the rise in the Lone Star State, and if there are higher fatalities from truck accidents compared to car crashes? Get some answers to these questions people often ask about truck accidents becoming more frequent.

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A Checklist of What To Do After Trucking Accidents In Texas

It is possible to be disoriented, anxious, or scared right after a truck accident but having a checklist of what to do can help ease some of the stress and help you feel like you can have some control over the situation. Such a checklist would help with knowing the information to collect immediately after the accident, which may become vital to establishing or proving the liability of the truck driver or other defendants, when to call the police, how long to stay at the scene of the accident, when to call an attorney, and so on.

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About Texas Trucking Accident And Injuries

Certain types of injuries are consistent with being in a truck accident including minor injuries like scrapes, minor burns, and sprains to more severe injuries to the brain, and spinal cord. Internal injuries, loss of limbs, Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD), dystychiphobia, which is fear of being in an accident, and others are some of the many types of injuries a victim may suffer due to being involved in a truck accident, not to mention the emotional stress and anguish of their loved ones.

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What are Medical Examinations & Health Standards For Truckers In Texas

Truck drivers in Texas are required to get a physical examination from a licensed medical examiner. The medical examiner will check the truck driver's vision, hearing, and general health to make sure they meet the standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The truck driver must also have a valid commercial driver's license (CDL) and pass a skills test. If a truck accident resulted from the truck driver’s poor health, underlying medical condition, lack of fitness to drive a truck or failure to comply with the requirements of their license, the claimant may be able to rely on this to establish that the truck driver, the truck company or other defendant was liable for the accident, their injuries and their losses.

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Trucking Accident Insurance in Texas

Truck accidents can be quite complex and liability isn't always clear. Although trucking companies often have financial protection for damages if they are found to be liable, depending on the circumstances, the insurance cover may be limited and the truck driver or the trucking company may not be fully protected under the insurance. In some cases involving negotiations with a claimant, the insurance company may refuse to budge from a low settlement amount or totally deny the claim. As a claimant or defendant in a truck accident case, It is important to seek professional advice from an experienced attorney, to help clarify available or alternative legal options and how to enforce your rights in the case.

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